Doctors are giving sick notes to excuse children from language lessons.


Doctors are giving sick notes to excuse children from language lessons.

Pupils are getting sick notes to excuse them from French, German and Spanish because language lessons damage their mental health. Head Teachers have been told that pupils are being signed off because the subjects are making them feel unwell.

Apparently, some children felt anxious about compulsory languages. They were being signed off so that they are not completely out of school. The doctor’s letters usually mention a few stresses not just languages, that are making the child unwell.

Children often request to drop subjects because they don’t want to face doing badly, it is often subjects they have struggled with the most. Children suffer mostly with languages partly because of the culture, which means they often grow up without another language. Some parents can not see the point.

Schools need pupils to take languages to hit official targets.


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    Mrs jeanette Connor , May 7, 2019 @ 10:30 am

    Hope languages are kept as part of the curriculum in all schools. All children should be taught more than one language.

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